The Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR®) designation is considered to be the benchmark of excellence in the real estate profession, relative to outstanding buyer representation. It is a recognition conferred upon the most worthy realtor candidates by the Real Estate Buyers Agent Counsel (REBAC), which is an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

ABR® is only awarded to those real estate professionals meeting a defined high standard of practical experience and special educational requirements.

Requirements for the ABR® Designation


Realtor candidates for ABR® certification must complete a two-day course and score an 80% grade on the examination administered after the course material. Upon successful completion of the course, a person has three years to satisfy the following ABR requirements: 1) successful completion of one of the ABR elective courses, 2) confirmed documentation of five completed real estate transactions in which the candidate acted as the sole representative for buyers, and 3) must maintain good standing in the Real Estate Buyers Agent Counsel as well as the National Association of Realtors.

Why an ABR® Agent Gives Buyers an Advantage

A real estate professional who earns the ABR® designation acquires valuable real estate education that increases his or her skill and knowledge levels in the estimation of both clients and other real estate professionals. Earning the ABR® designation allows special access to real estate information, developments, and programs that keep a professional abreast of industry trends so they can better represent their clients.

Home buyers universally agree that one of the prime reasons for selecting a specific agent is because of their professional knowledge, and the confidence it inspired by that knowledge. Since the purchase of a home is usually the largest investment a family will makeand a great many rules and regulations must be followed before any sale is finalized, confidence in a real estate agent is critical.

When a home buyer works with a real estate agent who has earned Accredited Buyers Representative status, the client can also be sure that the agent is abreast of all the latest information and trends in the real estate industry, and will put that information to best use on the client’s behalf. Since the ABR® designation requires a minimum level of experience with it, a buyer can have confidence they’re working with a trusted agent.